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6 comments on “Inua kommer hjem

  • Esa Mikkonen

    And congratulations! Magnificent journey!
    I would like to ask, if you have time, about the boat. I’m now 60 and I bought HR 310 this summer, it’s my
    10. boat. I have had Sweden Yacht, Finngulf etc. But now it was time of shifting down in size.
    I love the boat after one season sailing in Denmark, Sweden and here in Finland.
    BUT I’ve had two broaching situations, like never before with othet boats
    DO you have an ordinary rudder?
    Esa Mikkonen, Finland,
    P.s. I love Norway too, I’ve been there about 15 times, once with a boat.

    • Enno

      Hi Esa
      I can’t say that I have problem with broatching. I aktually find she is broaching rather benignly. I have not modified the rudder and as far as I know there are no different options for the rudder (at least there were no when I bought the boat in 2011). The biggest problem that I have is with electrics. Do you also have this awfull EmpirBus system for electric distribuion?

      • Esa Mikkonen

        Hi Enno,
        Glad to hear that you are satisfied with the rudder. I was little worried, because I’ve sailed 40 hear without broaches, this was something new to me.
        I read about you problems with windwane and autopilot, is it possible that there is a connection with a rudder?
        Yes I have the same autobus-system, but without problems. We have been on sea eight weeks, very seldom in quest harbours. We have no solarpanels, yet! But everything works fine.

        Esa, s/y Zerlina HR310 no 34,
        Lying in week-end anchor, Just saw threw elgs swimming and two sea-eagles sitting in the tree

        • Enno

          Well the problem with the windwane was my own fault and rather minor. The Autopilot on the other hand, being a tillerpilot, is simply not tough enough for offshore sailing. On our return trip we did motor 3 days in a swell and broke 2 drive units. Also the new Raymarine Evo AP dows not stear as well as the old SPX5 that we had before.

          I see that you have an earlyer model of the HR310, mine is build nr.73. Did Hallberg-Rassy give you the password for the system? The main problem with the EmpirBus is that they won’t give me the password for my own boat althogh they promised to do so when I bought the boat. Hallberg-Rassy has become a quiet arrogant company and obviously one can not trust their word.

          • Anonymous

            Hi Enno,

            The season is over now in Finnish archipelago, the boat is standing under the roof and waiting – seven long, long months.
            I found in my boat a memorystick for Empirbus and possibly code (numbers). Sorry that you have such ridiculous problems with HR. Maybe we smallboat-owners are not important for them?
            ( On the other hand, I suppose I found your connection on HR-pages)
            But I found also two kind of opinions about Embirbus, one Finnish sailor heading to Mediterranean was very proud of his choice (a volunteer) and on the other hand, one very salty dog spent three (!) days with an installation. How about problems under way?
            But the season was excellent on the Baltic Sea and with 310, we were eight weeks under way, and I had once my rain suit on!

            Kindly Esa Mikkonen